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Are you a lover of wellness?
Are you someone who has a passion for health?


Our team is expanding globally and we are looking for new members to join our fast growing heart centred tribe of wellness warriors

Just over 7 years ago, I was just a mum who had a vision to provide the best natural solutions for my young family

… but I wasn’t quite sure where to start. I would trawl through the internet for hours searching for safe and effective products. This lead me to many natural solutions, some very costly – and not always easy and effective.

When I came across dōTERRA I knew I had landed on something so exciting and alive in these small pretty bottles and as soon as we started using the oils and products in our home I couldn’t help but share them with others. I loved having a solution that was significantly impacting not just our own lives but the lives of other people I cared about and I sensed that this was perhaps an opportunity I had been waiting for. So with no previous experience or education in the essential oil field I jumped in to an amazing adventure and I loved how easy it was to share these natural gifts and begin a business that felt exciting and purposeful.

Fast forward 7 years and I feel incredibly thankful that I opened my heart and mind to this opportunity

As a health coach, simplicity parenting coach, a cacao facilitator and ayurveda coach in training, I am now even more passionate about empowering others into wellness and sharing this message with thousands of other women, men and families.

Since being with dōTERRA these last 7 years, we’ve been able to shift our whole life to wild Devon and we’re currently living on magical Dartmoor. I get to work alongside my husband, and together we have created incredible time and financial freedom, and these days we get to work on our own terms and embrace more quality time with our 4 beautiful kids. This was my dream… and now I know that dreams are worth holding on tight to…

I was of course a little sceptical to begin, especially as this whole network marketing thing wasn’t something I had EVER envisaged myself doing… and I didn’t know where this journey would lead me… but I listened in deep to my heart and to the deep rooted intuition that I believed so strongly was true about these oils and this company.

It truly feels like we have come home to nature and to ourselves. This is all possible because of dōTERRA.

If you resonate with my story and want to start your own dōTERRA journey, then let’s have a chat.

Book in a call with me and we can navigate through your questions, ideas, through your fears and your dreams.

DōTERRA has been around for 11 years now and we are

The largest essential oil company in the world for good reason…

The product speaks and once people try the beautiful therapeutic grade essential oils they usually want to use them again and again. There is no comparable product on the market in terms of quality and transparency that offers the same value

The figures speak. In network marketing there is an average retention rate of just 13% . In comparison the dōTERRA retention rate is 70% (meaning 70% of people buy the oils again in the first 3 months after initial purchase and 85% of people purchase again in the first year)

The product caters for all ages and all needs. It’s not a one trick wonder. Everyone needs the oils and everyone can benefit from their 100’s of different uses

The ongoing education, research and support poured in from dōTERRA corporate means that people continue to use the oils and incorporate them into their wellness lifestyle for the rest of their lives

You are partnering with a company that has incredible vision, integrity, authenticity and heart. If supporting an ethical and fair trade company matters to you…you have come home.

The company is debt free and is revolutionising the healthcare industry. And this is just the beginning…. now is the perfect time to jump in as awareness continues to grow around wellness and the need for alternative healthcare

The dōTERRA compensation plan supports residual long lasting income. You can seriously dream big and you have the limitless potential to change your own life and your own finances significantly so you are free to do what you choose with your money and your time

Today there are a few different ways to earn money


linear income

You earn money based on the work that you do and the time you put in and that’s it


investment income

You may have savings, assets or money in property


passive or residual income

Network marketing fits into this category. This is a means to create income that is long lasting and has no cap. This model of earning means you reap the rewards long after you put in the initial work.



The Model

It’s pretty simple. All you need to do to succeed is to help others

Average Earning Figures


monthly average

yearly average


£400 / €466

£4,800 / €5,600


£700 / €815

£8,400 / €9,800


£2,000 / €2,300

£24,000 / €28,000


£3,500 / €4,100

£42,000 / €49,000


£10,000 / €11,600

£120,000 / €140,000

Blue diamond

£15,000 / €17,000

£180,000 / €201,000

Pres. Diamond

Presidential diamond

£35,000 / €40,100

£420,000 / €490,000

A few questions you may want to consider…

Are you happy with where you are in your life right now? If nothing changes in the next few years will you feel fulfilled? Are you open-minded to exploring new and exciting possibilities that could be the vehicle for incredible change in your life ?

Is your current income is capped and the earnings you receive solely based on the work you put in… but do you have higher expectations of what you’d like to create?

If either of the points above speak to you or land in your heart…

I take this opportunity to invite you into our amazing team today. With different options available there are opportunities to either cover the cost of having oils for free, support or even replace your income.

With minimal start-up costs all you will need to get started is some oils and we will show you the rest.


Schedule a call with me to start with the team and get all your questions answered.


Don’t have oils yet? Purchase the oils you will need to use yourself and begin your own wellness business.

Who we are…

When you get started as a wellness advocate through the Blooming and Glowing tribe you are supported not just by me but you become a loved member of an incredible heart centred visionary wellness team.

My husband Tim and I are UK founders within dōTERRA and European leaders and we have so much value, love and support waiting for you..

Once you fall in love with the oils (which is usually unavoidable as soon as you open the bottles!) it’s very easy to see how this could be something you see yourself sharing. It’s a natural human blueprint to want to help others…. and let’s face it… these days people are calling out for more solutions.. and you have a gift to share…

Our team is expanding and growing very quickly as more and more women and men step back into their health and into ownership of their lives

When you get started with us we have put in some serious groundwork to set you on the a path for success. We will provide you with extensive product guidance and knowledge so it’s super easy for you to begin sharing the oils and seeing the rewards.

The Blooming and Glowing tribe could be what you’ve been searching for if…

You want to be part of something meaningful. Your heart is speaking to you to make a change in your life but you don’t know how.

You are interested in health, in supporting the body naturally, avoiding chemicals and toxic overload and you want to live the high vibe life that makes you feel amazing. You would love to share this lifestyle with others.

You are done with living life on other people’s terms. Constantly having to choose between what you truly want and what you feel tied to. You want to take back more control over the areas of your life that matter most to you.

You are ready to step up take action and in return you are ready to experience incredible growth.

You have an inner ambition and drive to jump in and get started in creating the life you deserve despite it being unknown.

You want more freedom. The time to do what brings you joy and the time to be with the people you care about.

You want financial security that is long lasting and regular for yourself and your family.

You like to work on your own and also alongside others who share the same vision as you, as part of a team holding hands together as you work towards your goals and support each other along the way.

You want to be part of a movement bigger than you, making a positive impact in the world that makes other people’s lives better.

The power of the oils, the desire to share them with others and the peace of mind of building an additional income stream on my terms.

Charlie Brown

I went to the Amsterdam convention not long after starting the business and was literally blown away by how heart centred the company are and how closely they work with and support the communities where the oils are sourced….I’ve never come across anything like this before and dōTERRAs vision for integrated healthcare, education and empowerment is something that I feel strongly aligned with.

Jasmine June Fletcher

When you join our awesome tribe we will support you to…

Find your inner happy and let go of what no longer serves you as you create the space for what matters to you most

Step into personal leadership (of yourself first) and as your confidence and vision expands, to embrace guiding others along the same journey

Give the gift of healing and wellness to the people you care about as you empower yourself and many others

Create freedom for yourself on many levels including time freedom, financial freedom and an inner purpose and satisfaction that is invaluable (all on your terms and alongside your family)

Be your own boss and the architect of your own life and your own destiny so you can focus on the things that truly matter to you and align with your values.

Carve out a business that is fun, joy filled, rewarding and exciting using your unique skills and your own creative expression

Create the flexibility you need, work from home or wherever suits you and choose your hours

Join a team that is like a family and will be there for you from the start. We hold hands as we show up in our fullness and rise up to the highest versions of ourselves

Would you like to take a walk through what joining our tribe would look like and what you will receive?

Book in a call with me and we can navigate through your questions, ideas, through your fears and your dreams.

In joining our Blooming and Glowing tribe you will receive so much in terms of support to help you rock your business and turn your dreams into your reality

Included in what you will receive will be

A 30 min introductory business overview with me.

Regular 1 on 1 mentoring during your first 90 days, then ongoing mentoring check ins dependant on your goals and desired level of growth.

Access to our closed business builders Facebook and what’s app closed groups for community support and inspiration. 

Complete series of getting started trainings and tutorials for those starting out on this field to learn the basics of this business in their own time.

Weekly online live business trainings and coaching calls alongside our awesome team including trainings from other high level leaders.

Access to closed team pages for ready made business material and resources. 

Closed Customer oil education Facebook group to welcome your customers into for ongoing support and education including a regular virtual Oil Camp programme to provide high level customer support. 

Access to email newsletter templates, your own website and high resolution images when you start out so you have a platform to get your business moving straight off the bat. 

Opportunities to attend live trainings, events and team meet ups over coffee (find your tribe and love them hard!)

Are you feeling excited about all the possibilities of what you have the potential to create?

The icing on the cake was the opportunity to create residual income… I’ve always been appalled that as women we generally have to pause our careers to have children and I’ve witnessed how disempowering that can be …. with dōTERRA this opportunity allows us to embrace this time and I feel SO grateful to be able to help empower other women this way.

Laura Pardo

I was so excited when I discovered the oils and this opportunity, not just for myself and our family

As soon as I started using the oils I knew instantly that they were something that people just needed to know about … that people were crying out to know about…

This heart centred work of sharing wellness and helping people to live a happier and healthier life is truly an honour… it doesn’t even feel like work and yet the rewards for everyone involved are simply life changing.

With the arms of our hearts stretched out really wide we welcome you into the Blooming and Glowing tribe!

Emily xx

DōTERRA Blue diamond, UK founder and founder of Blooming and Glowing


Don’t  have oils yet? 

I suggest starting with the Home essentials kit which is the kit most of our team begin with (including me). You can purchase the kit below, but make sure to also schedule a call with me!

Home Essentials Kit


Wholesale Price

The Home essentials kit would be a good one to go for, as it contains the 10 core oils that you would definitely use for all aspects of health and is a great natural toolkit, plus you’d get the free diffuser. This kit is the most popular starter kit and the kit I started with. 

Essential Oils (15 mL): Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Melaleuca, Oregano, Peppermint

Essential Oil Blends: doTERRA Air® (15 mL), Deep Blue® (5 mL), doTERRA On Guard® (15 mL), ZenGest® (15 mL)

Other Products: Petal Diffuser, Essentials Booklet

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